Map of average prices of undeveloped land within the area of the Capital City of Warsaw

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Transaction prices of lands from the years 2009-2014

Update of the price level to January 2015

The indications of the price map shall be treated as an average price, which is corrected on the account of particular features of the real estate being appraised which deviate from the average upwards or downwards.

A typical price, average for a particular neighbourhood, indicated in the price map is usually close to the value of the real estate having the market features close to the typical, average ones in this location. One has to take into account the fact that the value of a specific real estate depends on its specific features such as general and particular location, access to road, shape, connection to different utilities, permitted development intensity and height of buildings, purpose in the local zoning plan, zoning, other constraints etc. In order to be able to state the value of a specific real estate, the appraisal of the real estate taking into consideration its individual features has to be made.

Arrangement of isoprices (lines of unit prices) in PLN per square meter as decyl: 2-fold increase of prices for each 10 isoprices

market analysis: Analysis Department of the company sp. z o.o.

head of research: Tomasz Kotrasiński, MPAI

scientific mentoring of the research: Polish Appraisal Institute

The analysis of the distribution of prices in relation to latitude and longitude using the method of high-resolution locally weighted non-parametric regression (Robust LOWESS) was performed using the XLStat software of Addinsoft company.

The visualization of isoprices was made with Surfer 12.5 software of Golden Software, Inc. company

Map layer: OpenStreetMap


źródło: Realexperts Sp. z o.o.